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Shelter Insurance®: Empowering Loss Control Through Technology

December 12, 2022Warren Woermke News

How Shelter Insurance® Leverages Software to Elevate Loss Control and Underwriting Outcomes. 
Download the full Case Study here.

Shelter Insurance®: Empowering Loss Control through Technology

Shelter Insurance® has leveraged RCT software for over a decade as a crucial component to enabling their high volume of field visits and Loss Control surveys. Over 70,000 site visits were conducted by the Shelter team in 2021. 

Like many insurance organizations at the time, Shelter originally engaged RCT to address efficiency and consistency challenges that commonly plague Loss Control and Underwriting workflows. In addition, Shelter hoped to address challenges in managing team member workloads, data quality and analytical frustrations, and difficulty deploying proactive and predictive loss control efforts. 

Initial benefits and cost savings experienced by Shelter Insurance® were immense, including: 

  • Savings of $3.3 million in the first 4 years following implementation
  • Field team time savings of roughly 12,000 hours per year
  • Improved Underwriting collaboration and communication
  • An ability to service and survey significantly more accounts
  • Additional leadership tools to effectively manage teams and resources – including turnaround time reports, inspection audit logs, quality reports, and real-time workloads
  • Automated survey and task assignment through configurable rules and workflows
  • Improved data mining, reporting, and sharing capabilities 

As the insurance industry has continued to evolve, so has the broad range of organizational goals which Loss Control teams are being asked to address. This case study explores three ongoing evolution areas – Customer Experience, Data & Account Selection, and Tech Agility & Interconnectivity.  

To access the full case study, please click here.


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