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Risk Control Technologies Releases Self Assessment Capabilities within Insured Portal Solution

June 25, 2019Warren Woermke News

(June 25, 2019 - Toronto, ON)


Risk Control Technologies Inc. (RCT) is pleased to announce the release of the Self Assessment module within RCT’s Insured Portal software solution. The Insured Portal is a secure web portal that provides transparency around the survey process and increases collaboration on surveys and recommendations. The Portal also provides insureds greater visibility of safety resources and industry best practices while extending insurance organizations’ digital presence.

“We are extremely excited about the value this new module creates for our insurance clients,” explained David Da Costa, CEO of Risk Control Technologies. “Self Assessment capabilities will allow our customers to reach a larger number of policyholders, which will further strengthen their ability to reduce risk while increasing policyholder engagement and retention. The demand we have experienced for this functionality further signifies an ongoing shift in the industry, as insurance teams explore more diverse and innovative approaches to engaging a broader range of policyholders”.

At its core, Self Assessment addresses a common difficulty faced by loss control teams – the inability to visit or survey a significant portion of their book of business. With Self Assessment, risk control teams will be able to reach and triage policyholder accounts that would not typically receive an in-person visit, identifying outliers that may warrant further follow up. Additionally, this approach will greatly increase the volume and variety of data available for use by the Underwriting, Claims, Analytics and Actuarial departments.

Chris Shasky, Product Manager at RCT, explains that there are several more methods in which Self Assessment can be leveraged to provide value. “Collaborating with our clients is core to our product development strategy. In doing so, we uncovered additional ways that they envisioned leveraging the module depending on a variety of factors. Thanks to the flexibility and configurable nature of our software, our clients have complete control over what data sets they choose to collect, as well as how they collect that data and use it afterwards, creating many potential use cases”.

Self Assessment will enable insurance organizations to:

  • Survey policyholders that would not otherwise be reached by in-person consultations
  • Obtain a more holistic view of the insured, allowing for appropriate, tailored service
  • Conduct pre-visit surveys to prepare both consultants and customers, enabling visits of a more consultative nature and improving the customer experience
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction with the survey process, consultant, organization and more
  • Assess insured awareness and utilization of existing risk control/safety resources
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities, particularly for multiline carriers

RCT’s Insured Portal integrates seamlessly with the wider RCT software ecosystem and core insurance systems. This approach maximizes the data’s value by providing the data reliability and consistency needed for strategic account targeting, as well as the identification of trends and leading loss indicators.

To learn more about how Self Assessment and The Insured Portal can drive value for your organization, contact us at www.riskcontroltech.com/contact.  

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Risk Control Technologies Inc. provides insurance organizations with a unique combination of high-tech loss control software and industry expertise. This powerful combination allows teams to achieve their overall risk management objectives, increase policyholder engagement, and expand the value loss control provides to both internal departments and external partners. Today, Risk Control Technologies’ community of loss control leaders includes over 100 of the most progressive loss control focused insurance organizations in the world. For more information, visit www.riskcontroltech.com.


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