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Method Insurance and Zero Accident Consulting LLC Optimize Loss Prevention with Risk Control Technologies

November 02, 2021Warren Woermke News

(November 2, 2021  – Toronto, ON)

Risk Control Technologies Inc. (RCT), the leading provider of Loss Control and Safety software platforms to the insurance industry, is pleased to officially welcome Method Insurance and Zero Accident Consulting LLC to the RCT customer community.

RCT is a Loss Control platform that enables insurance organizations to service their entire customer base. Leveraging a Predict and Prevent strategy, RCT helps determine the riskiest accounts, and the optimal way to service each account in order to maximize claims reduction. RCT’s platforms utilize pre-built integrations and public APIs to connect Loss Control with broader ecosystems and maximize organizational value.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to partner with these industry leaders,” expressed David Da Costa, CEO of RCT.

“In addition to our core platform, we continue to see sustained adoption of our RCT Virtual and Direct Survey offerings. The industry is embracing virtual tools as not only a COVID workaround, but also as flexible solutions that enable them to reach their full client base and adapt to changing customer expectations”.

About Method Insurance
Method is the managing general underwriter (“MGU”) of the Salus (sey-luhs) family of workplace injury products and services. Method has extensive experience in all aspects of program management and a broad appetite for high-hazard, high-mod, mid-market risks.
To learn more, visit https://www.methodinsurance.com. 

About Zero Accident Consulting LLC
Zero Accident Consulting LLC is a service company providing loss-control surveys and risk management services for insurance companies and other businesses throughout the US for the past 15 years. Our nationwide network of consultants professionally fulfills our field assignments according to the specifications of each project. We serve customers ranging from large corporations to small businesses in all types of industries including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, retail, resorts, transportation, restaurants, food processing, agriculture, lumber, high-hazard sports and outdoor activities, scrap reclamation, and many others. With an in-house staff focused on quality control, we deliver high-value, thorough reports to our customers to assist them with important underwriting decisions.

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