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Industry White Paper: Loss Control as a Competitive Advantage

August 05, 2016David Pittman News


How Leading Insurers Have Transformed their Businesses through Effective Loss Control

Risk Control Technologies has authored an white paper alongside several industry-leading insurance companies who have achieved a distinct advantage in the market through effective loss control and risk management.  

This white paper shines a light on the real value of loss control and how leading insurers justify such a significant investment in this area.  The following companies participated in the study:

  • Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies
  • EMC Insurance Companies
  • ICAT
  • ICW Group
  • Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance
  • A number of other leading carriers

With the insurance industry on the edge of disruption due to rapid technological changes, new entrants and a shift in customer expectations, this white paper provides insight into how a solid loss prevention program can help your company be well-positioned for this next frontier.

In addition to reducing losses and improving account performance, this white paper provides detailed accounts of the hidden benefits of loss control, including:

  • Account retention
  • Account selection
  • Proper pricing and underwriting
  • Customer engagement
  • Competitive differentiation

To access the white paper, please visit our Case Study and Resource Library or click below.

Download White Paper

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