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IMWCA Deploys Loss Control System from Risk Control Technologies

(July 22, 2015 – Toronto, ON/Des Moines, IA) Risk Control Technologies Inc., the industry-leading provider of loss control software solutions for insurers, today announced that Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association (“IMWCA”) has successfully deployed the Risk Control Technologies platform into production with an aim to streamlining workers' compensation loss control processes within the organization. IMWCA is a self-insured risk pool which provides workers’ compensation programs to cities and counties in Iowa through administrative, loss control and technical services.

“Loss control is a key part of the IMWCA program,” said Jeff Hovey, Director of Risk Services for IMWCA, “By implementing the Risk Control Technologies solution, we will be able to further streamline our loss control workflows and continue to enhance our service offerings to our members.”

The Risk Control Technologies solution is a complete end-to-end loss control management system used by leading insurers which will allow IMWCA to:

  • Provide the loss control team with a consolidated, integrated view of each member to enhance workers' compensation account management capabilities.
  • Automate its loss control processes to reduce manual tasks.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of reports delivered to key stakeholders
  • Enable more effective loss control recommendation management to drive risk improvement.
  • Provide underwriters with high quality, timely data in support of decision-making.
  • Virtually eliminate paper loss control files.
  • Enhance risk control data mining and reporting through the business intelligence tools integrated within the loss control system.

“We are happy to welcome IMWCA to our community of loss control-focused insurer clients” said David Hanley of Risk Control Technologies, “They have shown impressive financial results through an intense focus on core safety and loss control, and we are pleased to work with them to support these ongoing efforts”.

As part of the implementation of the Risk Control Technologies platform, the system was integrated with IMWCA’s existing customer relationship management database to provide the loss control team with up-to-date information on members in support of loss control efforts.

About Risk Control Technologies Inc.

Risk Control Technologies Inc. provides insurance carriers a unique combination of high tech loss control software and industry expertise. This powerful combination allows teams to achieve their overall risk management objectives through the use of both technology and industry best practices. Today, Risk Control Technologies’ community of loss control leaders includes some of the most progressive loss control focused carriers in the world. For more information about our loss control solution, visit  


The Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association (IMWCA) was formed in 1981 according to Chapter 28E of the Code of Iowa. The initial effort to organize was coordinated by the Iowa League of Cities in response to numerous cities having their coverage canceled by standard insurance carriers. IMWCA began offering coverage to cities July 1, 1981. The program was restructured in 1987 to allow counties to join the association and in the 1990s, other 28E entities and political subdivisions were deemed eligible participants. Administrative services continue to be provided by Iowa League of Cities staff members who pride themselves in offering unparalleled personal service and understand the unique challenges faced by local governments. Today the predominant number of cities, counties and other governmental organizations in Iowa choose IMWCA for coverage of more than 49,000 employees. For more information, visit

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