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Risk Control Technologies Introduces iPad Loss Control Inspection App

May 10, 2012admin News


(May 10, 2012 - Toronto) Risk Control Technologies Inc., the industry-leading provider of insurance loss prevention software for the insurance industry, today announced the launch of an iPad app to provide an additional option to field inspectors using the RC Inspection loss control solution.

“This is big news for us as well as our clients,” said David Hanley of Risk Control Technologies, “although our clients have been utilizing our offline Windows tablet application in the field for more than 8 years now, the excitement around an iPad inspection app made it impossible for us to ignore the need to support this device in our continuiing effort to promote mobile technology in loss control”.

The benefit of an app specific to Apple devices is that users can complete their work in an offline state (if required), as well as leverage the native iPad tools such as the camera, GPS and touch-screen capabilities to even further streamline their field inspection processes. The RC Inspection Windows tablet application remains available, but insurers now have the option of deploying iPads to some or all field inspectors for use in the field with the iPad loss control app.

The RC Inspection solution streamlines the loss control process for insurers. It allows mobile loss control inspectors to electronically receive work requests and collect information in the field including assessment data, recommendations, digital photos and diagrams. Data is then uploaded into a central database which allows underwriters to utilize the information in making underwriting decisions. The central data repository offers data mining and reporting capabilities which have traditionally been unavailable in the paper-based loss control environment in which most insurers operate.

The Risk Control Technologies loss control software platform is currently used by loss control departments of leading insurers such as Shelter Insurance Companies, Society Insurance, Allstate Canada and The Guarantee Company of North America.  

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Risk Control Technologies Inc. uses leading-edge technology to simplify what are traditionally horribly onerous, paper-based processes in the insurance industry. Today, the loss control solution developed by Risk Control Technologies is used by leading insurers throughout North America.  For more information visit

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