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Loss Control Summit 2023 - Bringing Together Industry Leaders

May 31, 2023 Beck Aniballi Blog

Innovation, collaboration, and education are at the forefront of the insurance industry’s drive to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Recognizing the importance of these themes, the Loss Control Summit was established as a platform for risk control leaders to congregate, learn from their peers, exchange ideas, and shape the future of their profession.  

Hosted by Risk Control Technologies Inc., we are excited for the return of the first in-person Loss Control Summit since 2019.  


The Loss Control Summit provides unique opportunities for attendees to gain valuable insights into industry trends, best practices, and emerging issues. The Summit is primarily designed for Risk Control and Safety executives and managers in the insurance industry. 

The event features a lineup of distinguished industry leader speakers, as well as team members from RCT, delivering presentations on a wide range of topics relevant to Loss Control and Insurance. 

These thought provoking and insightful sessions will cover key areas of interest such as: 

  • Leveraging Technology to build a Predict and Prevent Strategy 
  • Building a Culture of Continuous Innovation to Improve Risk Management 
  • Creating Value through Deeper Underwriting Integrations and Process Automation 
  • Partnering with Actuaries to Drive Value for Underwriters and Organization Wide 
  • Leveraging Loss Control to improve your Customer CSAT Scores and Retention Rate
  • How Workflow Automation Can Create a Predict and Prevent Strategy 
  • Enhancing Analytics for Loss Control using Power BI and AI Advanced Risk Scoring 

In addition to conference sessions, one of the key strengths of the Summit lies in the opportunities to foster collaboration and networking with some of the most valuable people in the insurance industry.  Throughout the event, attendees will have several opportunities to connect with fellow professionals, engage in open discussions, and forge meaningful partnerships. 

Attendee Feedback 

“It’s amazing how much of I hear here resonates with me”
- Terry Tucker, Regional Underwriting Specialist Supervisor – Shelter Insurance

“The Summit’s been exceptional. Out of all the conferences I go to I probably enjoy this one the most, because it’s focused on the sharing of information”
- Eric Bourquin, Vice President Safety Services – Texas Mutual Insurance Company

“I’ve been really impressed by what people are willing to share, and the insight it gives me into what we’re doing, especially when it comes to innovation and some of the improvements we’re trying to make”
- Christy Tharp, Process Improvement Manager - EMC Insurance Companies

“I found the Summit great, there’s many areas that we’re focused on – not only through RCT, but also the continuing education aspects”
- Kim Coonrod, Director, Loss Control - Markel Specialty

“We’re getting to hear some of the future ways of how things are going to be in the future and how they’re going to impact our services and our insurance products”
- Mitch Sharpe, Loss Control Director – Western National Insurance

“I’ve made connections with individuals who I talk to periodically throughout the course of the year”
- Chuck Henry, Director, Loss Control - West Bend Mutual Insurance


This year’s Loss Control Summit will be held at Hotel X Toronto. Hotel X Toronto is a lakefront urban resort, with cutting-edge entertainment in our home city’s downtown area. The property’s unique entertainment concept and lavish garden setting with a spectacular lake view creates an amazing environment for visitors. Hotel X Toronto is the only hotel on the historic Exhibition Place grounds, located just inside the iconic Princes’ Gates and opposite the Enercare Centre.  

To learn more about the event or register, please visit
www.losscontrolsummit.com or email 2023RCTSummitRegistration@riskcontroltech.com.  


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